Family Help

Are you a busy family? Are you working hard, balancing the demands of your family? Would you really value a helping hand? If you have a spare room, we can help. We can find the perfect person to support you – we will brief them, references check them and ensure they meet your requirements. We will then introduce you to them and ensure they are the perfect match. We will for the first month monitor everyone is happy going forward. We can demonstrate the following:

  • Supportmatch has wide appeal to Host Family / Family help
  • We have developed more matches across the UK then any other Homeshare body
  • Supportmatch Family help is the affordable solution to helping families
  • Supportmatch has developed the Homeshare model of support and will use this to meet your requirements.

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How it works


If you are the Host Family

Once you have registered your interest by sending us a completed application, Supportmatch will contact you to discuss your requirements. Supportmatch Coordinators will then have a clearer picture of the kind of candidate you are looking for. If you are happy to go ahead a one off registration fee is payable.

Supportmatch Coordinators will introduce the Host family to candidates who most fit the requirements. Once you have selected the candidate and the candidate has selected you as their hosting family, the arrangement can start. If for any reason the match does not work, Supportmatch will find a replacement as soon as possible. If a replacement is needed within the first 6 weeks from the Family Helper moving in, Supportmatch will not charge the first monthly rent to the new Family Helper, instead the first monthly rent will be paid directly to the Host family. Thereafter anytime a replacement is required the Host family will agree for the first monthly rent to be paid to Supportmatch.


If you are the Family Supporter

Once you have registered your interest by sending us a completed application, a Supportmatch Coordinator will contact you to further discuss your requirements. The coordinator will then organise  for you to meet the available Host Family. If both parties are happy the arrangement can start. If for any reason the arrangement doesn’t work we will try to find a new placement if possible.

There is no registration fee to pay for the Family Helper.