How does Homeshare work?


Homeshare is an affordable service that matches people who need support with those who are willing to give support. Supportmatch Homeshare introduces homesharers to the householder and arranges a meeting between the two parties. The householder is welcome to interview more than one homesharer if they wish. The householder’s family can also be involved in the interview process. If the householder is happy with the homesharer of their choice and vice versa a start date can be agreed.

How do Supportmatch selects homesharers?

Supportmatch Homeshare selects homesharers via application. They are interviewed and fully vetted to establish their suitability. Homesharers are then matched to householders taking in consideration personality, interests, working hours and background.


What does the householder need to provide?


The householder needs to provide a spare room where the homesharer can stay. The bedroom will need to be furnished with a bed, storage for their clothes and a desk. The householder will also allow the homesharer the use of common areas such as kitchen, living are and bathroom (where a private bathroom is not available). The householder will provide the homesharer with some food and kitchen utensils space (fridge and coupboard).


What does the Homesharer need to provide?


The homesharer needs to provide 10hours (or 15hours in case of a couple) of their time every week helping with tasks such as cooking, cleaning, shopping and companionship. The hours can be flexible and are usually agreed between the householder and the homesharer from the very beginning. Where needed Supportmatch can provide help and guidance in setting up a weekly schedule.Homesharers are not to be involved with any personal care.


Is there a contract?


Yes. A contract is signed between the Householder and the Homesharer, between the Householder and Supportmatch and between the Homesharer and Supportmatch. The contract’s purpose is to set up rules between the two parties to facilitate a respectful and mutual arrangement of cohabitation.


How much does it cost?


Supportmatch charges are competitive and affordable. A monthly fee of £99 is charged to the Householder and £149 to the Homesharer. Both householder and homesharer are charged a one-off £30 registration fee. There is no any extra charge. The fees are paid directly to Supportmatch and there is no exchange of money between the householder and the homesharer.


What is the money used for?


As Supportmatch does not receive any funds is necessary for us to charge a fee to sustain the service. Therefore the money is used towards paying Supportmatch staff to provide a complete service within a safe environment and advertising.


What if the match does not work?


Both the householder and the homesharer will receive support throw-out the whole arrangement. If the match does not work Supportmatch will work to find a replacement as soon as possible for both the householder and the homesharer where applicable.


Will having a homesharer affect my council tax or housing benefit?


No. The householder can still retain the single person allowance or their housing benefit with a homesharer living at the property.

For more information please contact: info@supportmatch.co.uk

01604 4905517 (office)

07847072490 or 07742807677 www.supportmatch.co.uk