Terms and Conditions Introduction Stage Homesharer

These Terms and Conditions are applicable to your application. Please read them carefully. It is important that you understand and agree to our practices, rules and terms before you submit your application. Once you submit your application, your acceptance of these Terms will be deemed.

  1. The word “Householder” refers to an individual introduced by Supportmatch Homeshare Ltd willing to offer accommodation in exchange of an agreed level of domestic help (which includes light cooking, cleaning and shopping) and companionship. For the avoidance of doubt, Householder includes the legally appointed representative of a Householder, if applicable.“Homesharer” refers to an individual who is willing to provide such domestic help and companionship in exchange for a place to live and experience and participate in the family life of the Householder. “Property” refers to the property of the Householder, shared with the Homesharer. “Homeshare” refers to the arrangement between the Householder and the Homesharer.
  2. The Homesharer will not pay any fees to the Householder for the accommodation provided by the Householder and the Householder will not pay any fees for any help provided by the Homesharer. The relationship between the Householder and Homesharer is a mutually beneficial one and on a voluntary basis.
  3. The Homesharer agrees and accepts to pay a monthly monitoring and advice fee to Supportmatch Homeshare in consideration for and as a contribution towards the costs incurred by Supportmatch in the provision of its services.
  4. The Homesharer will ensure to pay the monthly fee on time and throughout the duration of the Homeshare until the day the Homesharer vacates the Property. Should the Homesharer fail to make payments of fees in a timely manner, Supportmatch retains the right to charge the Homesharer additional costs for the recovery of the fees.
  5. The Homesharer is not to undertake any professional care duties.
  6. The Homesharer is responsible to pay for its own food and other expenses and, if necessary, will agree to pay a small contribution for an increased utilities and council tax bill due to the presence of the Homesharer in the Property of up to £25 per month. In the event the Homesharer is placed in self-contained accommodation separate from but attached to the accommodation of the Householder, the Homesharer shall be liable to pay in full for the utility bills and council tax attributable to that self-contained accommodation.
  7. In the event the Homesharer cancels the Homeshare after engaging the Householder but prior to the Homesharer moving into the Property, the Homesharer will be liable to pay one monthly fee for the administration work incurred by Supportmatch. The Homesharer understands and agrees that it will not be refunded for any part of the first monthly fee paid, regardless of the date of cancellation.
  8. Supportmatch will interview potential Householders, but it will be ultimately the responsibility of the Homesharer to ensure that the Householder and the Property fully satisfy the Homesharer’s requirements.
  9. Supportmatch will endeavour to collect as much information as possible about any potential Householders but cannot guarantee that any information provided to the Homesharer is at all times accurate and true.
  10. Any information shared between the Homesharer and Supportmatch which is either marked as confidential or of which its confidential character should reasonably be understood will be treated as confidential by the receiving party.
  11. Supportmatch uses and processes any personal information provided by or collected from the Homesharer in accordance with applicable data protection laws, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information on how we treat your personal information.
  12. Supportmatch Homeshare will offer ongoing telephone and email support but is not required to undertake any face to face meetings to monitor the Homeshare.
  13. Supportmatch Homeshare and its staff does not assume any responsibility nor liability for any damages, claims and costs that might arise as a result of or in connection with the Homeshare.
  14. Supportmatch Homeshare reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time.
  15. The Homesharer may take a maximum of two weeks holiday at a time and for a maximum of four weeks per year, unless otherwise agreed with the Householder, and, if reasonably possible, at least four weeks’ notice will be given to both the Householder and Supportmatch.
  16. If for any reason the Homesharer will need to take a leave of absence due to illness or personal circumstances, it must inform the Householder and Supportmatch immediately. For an extended period (more than two weeks) medical evidence must be provided and, if such evidence is satisfactory to Supportmatch, the period of leave will be approved accordingly. In the event the period of absence due to illness or personal circumstances extends to a period of more than four weeks such that the Homesharer is no longer able to fulfil the Homeshare, the Homesharer shall make arrangements to vacate the Property as soon as reasonably practicable in order to allow the Householder to engage another Homesharer.
  17. Should the Householder need medical treatment in a hospital or if the Householder is on holiday the Homesharer will stay in the Property and continues to look after the Property.
  18. The Supportmatch Co-ordinator will state the agreed chores and times and will update when necessary.
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