Sibel Whitehead

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Sibel Whitehead is a Managing Director and Co-founder of Supportmatch Homeshare. She is also a qualified nurse and has passionately worked in adult care and support.

Sibel is a co-founder and a Managing Director of Supportmatch Homeshare.
Sibel trained as a nurse and qualified in her mid-twenties. She has worked for the last 20 years in health and social care helping vulnerable people to manage their independence.

Sibel, over the years in her career, has realised the importance of offering a personalised and dedicated service through Supportmatch, her approach is sensitive and knowledgeable in connecting people who have a mutual interest, supporting the older and the younger generation in helping each other.

Personally, Sibel has a passion for cooking and healthy leaving, Yoga is part of her lifestyle. She is also a proud mum.

Sibel Whitehead
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