Zaira De Novellis

Zaira De Novellis



Zaira De Novellis, born in Italy, mother of two, holds a Bachelor’s degree in History and Foreign Languages, and is a Managing Director and Co-founder of SupportMatch Homeshare.


Zaira has worked in homeshare for over 10 years, supporting vulnerable adults and made a conscious decision to address the gap and evident need for support of our senior citizens and the wider community by co-creating Supportmatch Homeshare in 2013.


She has used the experience gained in her early years as a carer for her brother to offer services that are sensitive and effective. Testimony to her diligence and success are the long standing Homeshare matches that continue because of her unwavering desire to make a difference and because she cares first and foremost.


Zaira has a passion for cooking and baking and loves to organise cooking workshops for both adults and children, in her spare time.


Zaira De Novellis

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