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Family Support From Supportmatch Homeshare

Family Support Required

Are You A Busy Family?

Working hard, balancing the demands of your family? Would you really value a helping hand with cleaning, homework, evening babysitting or dog walking and in exchange provide a spare room for a modest fee?.

We Can Help

Supportmatch homeshare for families offers help and support for busy families matching your family up with a live in helper called a family supporter.

Homeshare For Families

Let us find the perfect person to support you and we will brief them, conduct reference checks and ensure they meet your requirements. We will then introduce suitable candidates and ensure they are the perfect match. For the first month, we monitor the arrangement via phone offering guidance and practical advice.

Why Use Supportmatch?

Supportmatch Homeshare has been operating successfully for over 5 years and have matched hundreds of people. Being parents ourselves, we are aware of the challenges that families face trying to find reliable childcare services. Our professional candidates are vetted and are willing to offer their skills and expertise in exchange for accommodation. Please contact us for more details.

How It Works

If you are a Host Family


Once you have registered an interest by sending us a completed application form, Supportmatch will contact you to discuss your requirements.

A Supportmatch Coordinator will introduce the Host Family to candidates who fit their requirements. If you are happy to go ahead a one-off registration fee of £100 is payable to Supportmatch Homeshare.

Supportmatch Coordinators will introduce the Host Family to candidates who fit their requirements. Once you have selected the candidate and the candidate has selected you as their hosting family the arrangement can take place. Supportmatch Homeshare will charge an additional one-off matching fee of £300 payable by the Host Family prior to the Family Supporter moving in.

If for any reason the match does not work, then Supportmatch will find a replacement as soon as possible. Should a replacement be needed within the first 5 weeks of the Family Supporter moving in, then Supportmatch will not charge an additional matching fee.

If you are the Family Supporter

Once you have registered your interest by sending us a completed application form then a Supportmatch Coordinator will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Supportmatch Coordinator will then organise meetings for you to meet the available Host Families. If both parties are happy the arrangement can commence. If for any reason the arrangement doesn’t work, we will try to find a new placement if possible.

The Arrangement

The Family Help arrangement was created mostly for those who need a limited amount of childcare help and find it very difficult to find part-time staff. The Family Supporter will live-in as a member of the family and will provide 10 hours weekly of help with tasks such as babysitting, ironing and homework supervision. Some of our candidates will also have professional skills they can use to help your children.

The hours will be agreed by both parties for mutual convenience. The Family Supporter will also pay a very modest monthly fee of £150 to the Host Family. The Family Supporter will be responsible for their own personal and food expenses.

Contact us if you would like more details or make an application below.

For Local Family Support Homeshare Opportunities – Apply Here

Complete EITHER the HOUSEHOLDER Family Application Form OR the HOMESHARER Family Supporter Application Form Below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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