Matching people who need support with those who can give it

Welcome to Supportmatch

WelcomeWelcome to Supportmatch®
The Home Sharing Service.

We provide a service tailored to your needs. Each match is unique so do contact us to discuss your needs.

We Aim To Provide:

  • Reliable live-in support (a homeshare)
  • Proven and effective matches
  • On-call support and monitoring for both householder and homesharer

What Makes Us Different?

Our experience and sensitivity in matching has given us a
100% successful match rate.

Essential Topics

Who We Are

Supportmatch® is part of a registered (non-profit) limited company, we exist to match those who need support with those who can give it. The householder remains in their own home whilst their spare room is used for someone (a homesharer ) who is carefully selected to move in (for usually 6 to 12 months) and provide an agreed level of support, companionship and security. The concept is a win-win for all concerned. Supportmatch offers a simple but effective home-share solution to resolve both a housing problem for single people or students (studying health or social care courses for example) and a support requirement for older people or people with particular support needs (physical of emotional). Home-share is growing...

What We Do

Our homeshare matching process: The aim is to set up a mutual arrangement (and legal agreement) between householders and homesharers which is both flexible and signed-off between the two parties. Supportmatch coordinators help broker the arrangement to ensure a successful match. After registering with Supportmatch, the first step is a face-to-face meeting with our coordinator. Once we have identified the needs of the householder or the skills/requirements of the homesharer our coordinator aims to find the best suitable match. This takes 2 to 4 weeks. Our extensive lists of homesharers are carefully selected, subject to a very thorough vetting system. We take great care over each homesharer’s request and needs in order to have...


A householder is a person who lives in a property with a spare room they can offer to a homesharer in exchange for 10 hours a week of practical help and companionship. The homesharer will be entitled to use some of the facilities of the property (e.g. use of the cooker and washing machine). The house-holder will be aware of the fact that the homesharer is not a professional carer and no personal/intimate care service can be given. How to apply? If you are interested please contact us directly or complete the application form available on this site and return to us as soon as is convenient once you have decided this is the right...


A homesharer is an individual who works or studies either full time or part time and is able to offer support for 10 hour per week whilst living in the house-holder’s property. In approximately 10% of matches, the homesharer can be part of a couple, but the weekly support will then be 15 hours per week. Homesharers can be professionals or students, young or mature, male or female and come from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures. How to apply? If you are interested in becoming a homesharer please complete the application form available on this website and return to us as soon as is convenient. Once your completed application form has been received...