Support&Match CIC – A Community Interest Company is excited to be introducing a new service called Guardianship – Together For The Community.

Guardianship is a new programme in which Support&Match CIC works closely with the NHS and Local Authorities to provide safe and affordable housing to Students, NHS Staff and Social Care Workers.

If you are interested in learning more about the Guardianship Programme please click Here to register or click the GUARDIANSHIP menu button above.

What Is Homeshare?

Homeshare provides live in support to adults and families by matching householders who need support with homesharers that can give it. We are here to help you find your perfect homeshare match today

Why Homeshare?

Homeshare is an effective and low-cost solution for anybody who is looking for some help to live a more independent life. Our Homesharer companions offer support with multitude of tasks and benefits that enhance the standard of living for our Householders. Homeshare is a flexible solution that primarily work around your needs.

If you are Householder living alone...

Then we can help provide you with that much needed companionship, support, monitoring and oversight with Homeshare. Having a trusted friendly presence to help you with various chores such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, some basic DIY and computing tasks can be life changing for many Householders.

In addition to this support Householder also benefit from overnight security and families of the Householder always have a point of contact with Supportmatch and the Homesharer should the need arise. At the heart of all our Homeshare arrangements is meeting the needs of the Householder with the support of a suitably matched Homesharer - we are here to help every step of the way.

Householder Benefits

  • Live-in Support to help you when you need it most

  • Companionship

  • Overnight presence

  • Help with keeping appointments

  • Help with Cooking

  • Help with Cleaning and Housekeeping

  • Basic D.I.Y around the House

  • Assistance with Computing and Technology

  • Going for Walks and other Social Activities

  • Socialising and Networking

  • Walking the Dog and Pet Care

  • With Standard-Homeshare you receive 10 to 15 hours of support each week

  • With Homeshare-Plus Householders get up to 25 hours of support each week

  • All Homesharers are carefully matched with your requirements

  • All Homesharers are DBS (Disclosure and Barring service) and Reference checked

As a Homesharer...

You will benefit from affordable accommodation, that is in a quiet and peaceful home, in a safe and secure environment. Homeshare is a fulfilling and rewarding experience that our Homesharers speak very fondly about. Homesharers love the idea of supporting their community and the difference they can make when they provide companionship and support to someone who needs it.

Homesharer Benefits

  • Access to affordable accommodation

  • Living in a Safe and Secure Home

  • Companionship

  • Serving the community

  • Support throughout the arrangement

How Do I Get Started With Homeshare?

Please complete a Householder or Homesharer online application form. Alternatively we welcome your call or email should you wish to discuss your needs prior to completing an application to register as a Householder or Homesharer. We are always ready to help you every step of the way.

When Will The Arrangement Start?

After you have discussed your needs with a Supportmatch Coordinator, as a Householder will be introduced to suitable candidates matching your needs and requirements.

As a Homesharer you will be introduced to available Householders. Following a meeting between Householders and Homesharers, if both parties are happy and have made a decision to go ahead with the homeshare arrangement we then issue contracts that ensure both parties have peace of mind as to the agreed arrangement.

Homeshare Services

Trust In Our Experience

Supportmatch Homeshare is a registered and approved Homeshare UK National Company that provides Live-In Help and Support in exchange for affordable accommodation in the form of a spare room to people in our community

About Supportmatch Homeshare

Homeshare provides live in support to adults and families by matching people who need support with those that can give it. The benefits of Homeshare has been significant improvements in the quality of life for Householders through companionship and support at home. Homesharers benefit from the arrangement by receiving affordable accommodation and also the opportunity to improve quality of life for our householders. Supportmatch Homeshare is part of the wider network of Homeshare Uk.

Homesharers Make A Difference

Having a helping hand from my homesharer allowed me to stay in my own home, rather than having to go into care.

What Our Clients Say

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Zaira De


Zaira De Novellis holds a Bachelor’s degree in History and Foreign Languages, and is a Managing Director and Co-founder of SupportMatch Homeshare.




Sibel Whitehead is a Managing Director and Co-founder of Supportmatch Homeshare. She is also a qualified nurse and has passionately worked in adult care and support.


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Ann Henrietta Quayle recently joined the team at Supportmatch as Head of Outreach. She was born in Japan and was educated in an international community.


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